Asking for help is a sign of strength.

People often mistake the feeling of vulnerability for weakness, allowing this feeling to surface usually means we are facing something painful and difficult. This takes courage and personal discipline. Learning to experience feelings without judging them is a foundational part of the healing process. Acceptance is a sign of bravery and leads to developing what is called emotional intelligence. When you engage in the development of your

emotional intelligence you are increasing self awareness and personal freedom by creating choice where there was none before. In this process your feelings transform from enemy to ally.

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The Benefits of Therapy

Engaging in any kind of emotional healing is a process of learning about yourself. In the emergence of self awareness a relationship with the mind can begin to develop in a new way. This new relationship allows for personal growth that leads to increased freedom from suffering and the exploration of how to be the creator of your experience instead of the victim of it.

Avoiding what is uncomfortable feels like a protective action at first but if continued can cause more pain than originally experienced. The feelings themselves are not the scary part of emotional pain or discomfort, once this is established and understood, you can then feel safe enough to feel anything. Leaving behind avoidance helps to build confidence and security within.

In your sessions you will get to explore what your feelings can teach you. You can begin to make conscious connections where there were previously only reactions. You can explore how the body guides and informs your choices and behaviors.



 “People will do anything no matter how absurd, to avoid feeling their own souls.” – C. G. Jung